Licence Training Courses

These pages give all the information on our Training Courses and Examination Centre. Course times on Saturdays or Sundays are 8:30am for 9am start and finish about 6pm.

We provide taught Training Courses for the amateur radio Foundation and Intermediate levels by experienced tutors at our Examination Centre, the Victory Social Club, Kechill Gardens, Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7NH, which is also our regular meeting place.

Our courses are fully taught with some practical activities loosely based of those included in the pre-2019 syllabus. Experience shows these activities considerably increase understanding of the technical elements of the course and provide practical advice on setting up your own equipment and operating on-air which some can find a bit daunting at first.

Feedback from examination results also shows that candidates who have enjoyed face to face contact with tutors and fellow candidates are better prepared for the examination and have a better understanding of the material.  The practical sessions provide an opportunity to discuss technical points and gain a wider appreciation of the breadth of the hobby as well as tips on exam technique and background.

Candidates also have a dedicated email contact point to discuss matters such as mid-course exercises and homework in preparation for the next face to face session. We find this combination of face to face teaching and home study works the best.  Our pass rate is consistently very high and drop-out rate very low.

We also provide Full level training which can also be fully taught or a combination of teaching and mentored study.  As might be expected the Full level requires a good understanding of the technical material which, for some, might make a fully taught course somewhat longer.  The format of Full courses depends on numbers and the wishes of the candidates.

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