All Club Meetings 3rd Tuesday of the month unless noted otherwise

Club meetings start at 8pm (doors open from about 7:30pm) and run until about 10pm. Courses are all-day for those booked on them; they start at 8:45am and run to 6pm. Club Net starts at 21:00 usually on 145.40MHz every Wednesday.

Three day Intermediate Course on May 8th, May 22nd and June 5th.

  • 2021
  • Tuesday November 17th: Electric Motors
  • Tuesday December 21st: Quiz and Mince Pies
  • 2022
  • Tuesday January 18th – AGM and Programme
  • Tuesday February 15th – TBD
  • Tuesday March 15th – TBD
  • Tuesday April 19th – TBD
  • Sunday May 8th – Intermediate Course Day One
  • Tuesday May 17th – TBD
  • Sunday May 22nd – Intermediate Course Day Two
  • Sunday June 5th – Intermediate Course Day Three
  • Tuesday June 21st -TBD
  • Tuesday July 19th – TBD
  • Tuesday August 16th – TBD
  • Tuesday September 20th – TBD
  • Tuesday October 18th – TBD
  • Tuesday November 15th – TBD
  • Tuesday December 20th – Quiz and Mince Pies