Brief Description

The Full Licence is the top level in amateur radio and gives maximum licence privileges. The examination to gain this is known as the Advanced Exam.

To take the Advanced Exam you must have passed the Intermediate Exam.

If you are not currently studying for Advanced it is suggested that you revise your earlier work and you will need to obtain the advanced course book, Advance, from the RSGB Shop.

We are running a fully taught Course in 2018

This Five day course will be on 22nd July, 12th August, 19th August, 2nd September and 9th September. We have ten on this course.

Cost and booking

For Advanced we require a deposit of £50. The total fee for Advanced, which includes the exam fee of £37.50, is expected to be about £100.

The final fee will be advised when the course starts, and we know how many will share the hall hire.

We will settle the exam entry fees with the RSGB.

Please contact our training team for further information.

Advanced course format

The format of our advanced training depends on numbers:

  • We are running a fully taught Course. Other locally arranged fully taught, or part taught part self-study arrangements are possible, a key point being the economics of the hall hire.
  • There is the option of joining the national on-line and assisted self-study course run by Steve Hartley G0FUW with local tutor support and occasional teaching or tutorial meetings provided by one of our tutors at the normal club venue. To join e-mail Steve on g0fuw at tiscali dot co dot uk (format as normal).
  • An Advanced Examination only facility can be arranged, subject to our exam centre and invigilator availability and the minimum one month notice required to the RSGB.
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